Racket cookbook

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Two parallel thoughts:

  1. I haven’t blogged in awhile. I’ve been heads-down on a few projects. Plus I haven’t had ideas I feel are “big” or unique enough to merit a post.

  2. It’s occurred to me that a “Racket Cookbook” might be a useful resource. Because examples. Because real-life, practical examples.1

Although I haven’t created a cookbook, my working assumption is that it would be better to write one recipe at a time. As they arise. As I think, “Ah right, this wasn’t obvious to me when I was learning Racket.”

So I plan to experiment with releasing the things one at a time, as short blog posts. Thereby terminating two avian organisms with one geologic projectile.

Not sure if I’ll keep it up. Definitely not sure if I’ll ever collect and polish them into a “book” of some form. They might only ever live as a racket-cookbook tag on this blog.

  1. Admittedly I rarely recall using any “cookbook” resource to find the answer to a problem I have. Taken literally, programming cookbooks are largely a failure, for me. On the other hand, flipping through one can give the “flavor” of a language. And as I’ve written, one valid learning strategy is to absorb things shallowly — you may not know the answer, but you know roughly where to find the answer. It rings a bell. Probably cookbooks fit that model — filling your head with, um, bells.