Frog overview

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UPDATE: This was an early post. For up-to-date info, see Frog.

When the code settles down a bit I’ll put it in a GitHub repo, and write a full Meanwhile, here’s an overview.

Live with Frog

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OK, I have my site generated using Frog and pushed it to GitHub Pages for

I want to tweak the CSS. It’s vanilla Bootstrap. Most importantly, I wish the headings were a few points smaller and the body text a few points bigger.

The other remaining item is to do the 301 redirect from Blogger to here. It turns out that this should be ridiculously easy to do with Amazon S3. You can make a bucket that does nothing but perform 301 redirects. I’ve created such a bucket already, and the redirects work fine. I simply need to update my DNS, for which I’m using Amazon Route 53.

Lull while I prepare to change tires

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I’d been trying to stick to a roughly Tuesday and Thursday schedule for posting here.

I haven’t this week because I’ve been trying to work up a replacement for using Blogger.

Basically, I want to write posts in simple Markdown, and generate the blog statically. To be hosted on GitHub or S3 or whatever. And I want it to use Bootstrap so I don’t have to reinvent that wheel.

greg^.head —> (first greg)

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A college classmate’s nickname for me, after we learned linked lists in Pascal:


Updated, for many years it would have been:


Not long ago I did quite a bit of:

FROM greg
SORT BY height


(first greg)

Fucking “Suggested Post” (why web apps matter)

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So speaking of AdBlock, sometimes I forget it’s there.

I was using the Facebook app for iPad today. Which I hardly ever do. And I’m getting a lot of this in my feed:

Suggested Post

Suggested Post

And I’m all like:

The fuck was that... the fuck is this?

The fuck was that… the fuck is this?

And I’m clicking “report spam” on each of the little fuckers. Tap, tap, please bugger off. Tap, tap, suck my balls and bugger off. And so on.

Walking in the steps of soft interrogation

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For many years I visited Frankfurt Musikmesse. Roughly speaking, Musikmesse is Europe’s equivalent of the NAMM show in the US.

Folks from my company would stay north of Frankfurt at the Mövenpick Hotel in Oberursel. It was more affordable and very comfortable. The front desk staff remained the same for many years. They got to know us—the obviously American, odd musician types—and were very friendly.

A couple years ago, I’d scheduled to fly home on Sunday, in case I needed to have more meetings on Saturday. The meetings never materialized, and I took it as a free day. The April weather was unseasonably warm. I walked into Oberursel’s small “downtown” and explored it like I never had before. At some point I ended up wandering into paths that led through parks and open fields. It was very beautiful.

Clear interrupts

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For some reason CLI popped into my head the other day.

CLI is the 808x instruction to clear maskable interrupts. If you’re writing a routine to service a hardware interrupt, you do a CLI early in your routine — to prevent another hardware interrupt from causing your routine to be re-entered. Neglecting this invites the most delightful form of bug, the intermittent bug.

Roland MPU-401

Roland MPU–401

We need a prior art database

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Last week I visited Electronic Frontier Foundation in San Francisco. Mark Cuban and Minecraft creator Markus Persson had recently funded an additional staff attorney position, the “Mark Cuban Chair to Eliminate Stupid Patents”.

Considering this after I got home, I had an idea about an additional angle from which to attack this problem.

What if there were a sort of “prior art database”? Where people could submit and find information about first-use or discovery of techniques—whether patented or not?